House elevators have 2 doors: One accordion and one exterior.  

1) Hit the call button and wait for the elevator to arrive. (if it does not arrive, please check that all the elevator doors are closed in all floors, including the accordion one)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accordion door and regular door MUST be closed before the elevator will move. If the accordion door magnet does not make contact with the side of the frame, the elevator will not work (from any floor). Leaving the accordion door open for a long period of time can cause the elevator to malfunction. Please make sure the accordion door makes contact with the elevator frame every time it is used and the doors are closed on all the floors.

2) Once inside, press button for desired floor. When traveling between floors the elevator MUST come to a complete stop before you open the accordion door, otherwise the door safety will click and any of the doors will not open.

3) When exiting, close accordion door first and then regular door. Please REMEMBER accordion door must be closed first.

****EMERGENCY: If it ever stops, the elevator number is on the elevator wall.